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Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage 
(the Josie Rushing technique)

What Is Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage(“BLDM”)?

Lymphatic drainage massage involves bringing the fluid stuck in between cells and in the tissue to the lymph nodes, in order to be pumped out of the body.1 It requires a deeper touch, so it helps with cellulite appearance and increases circulation in general, creating that "sculpting" effect. Since Brazil is considered one of the world leaders in plastic surgery procedures—lymphatic drainage is considered mandatory after any cosmetic procedure.

Due to demand, Lymphatic Drainage became very popular there and they have evolved the original Vodder technique to another level, combining it with some of Albert Leduc and Godoy maneuvers. This claims to deliver more instantaneous and visible results.

It's easy to think of the lymphatic system as the body’s drainage system, part of our circulatory system and our immune system in the large mechanical process that is the human body. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump to keep the flow moving, so when it's impaired, that fluid builds up, delaying the body's ordinary functionality, causing swelling, lethargy, tiredness, heavy legs, and inflammation. There's a whole lot going up in the lymphatic system—it is composed of some organs, plus a network of vessels and nodes, and glands, which carry excess fluid, metabolic waste, and toxins through the body. It then filters that fluid of potentially harmful organisms and bacteria that can lead to infection and disease. 

And that's where the Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage process comes in—it involves the whole body and begins by stimulating the lymph nodes, starting from the pelvic area, the groin, under the knees and ankles, armpits, collar bone, and most importantly, the thoracic duct. It uses soft pressure, to encourage a healthy lymph flow through a series of strokes and patterns along the lymphatic pathway. Described as "the pumping technique," to help the lymph nodes open and close in order to bring toxins out of the body, or up to the center to be cleaned, so the lymph can distribute fresh nutrients.

Benefits of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massages can:

  • Speed up surgery recovery and optimize outcomes

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Boost the immune system

  • Boost metabolism 

  • Improve the elasticity of skin

  • Improve digestion and weight loss

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • Help with hormonal imbalance (menopause, PMS and pregnancy)

  • Help with constipation

  • Help with bloating, puffiness, and water retention

When it comes to your health, the main benefit is the delivery of nutrients and the disposal of waste. Someone who breaks out a lot has a problem with carrying the waste away, while someone with dull skin may not be getting enough nutrients. Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massage can help you lose inches, boost your immune system, and increase your overall health.

In terms of why it's important to make sure your lymphatic system is clear and drained, it goes further than just what's going on inside—it can also impact what happens on the outside, too. It is entirely responsible for how fast a breakout heals, whether or not you break out at all, and whether your skin is hydrated or dry.

It governs over the glow!

It doesn't have its own pump, so the lymphatic system needs us to exercise or to get regular massage to work, since exercise drives the lymphatic system. A bad lymphatic system will cause acne and breakouts. We need it to perform well in order to have great skin.

How to Prepare for Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Take a shower prior.

  • Avoid heavy meals 1 hour before your booking, and ideally, fast or eat a light meal.

  • Be prepared to heavily hydrate after: Drinking a lot of water after helps to keep your results for longer.

  • Avoid alcohol before your session, and avoid carbs, alcohol, and sugar after your session; consume very clean meals afterward.


What to Expect During a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The massage is an all-over body experience not dissimilar to regular massage, with some exceptions. Expect gentle stomach manipulation and some breast massage, but you'll feel relaxed, just like during a standard massage. You should not expect it to be painful at all unless your treatment is straight after surgery. In this instance, it can take time until you feel comfortable with the strokes. Even post-surgery it shouldn't be unbearable; it feels a bit like touching a numb area, but it is very important to bring the sensitivity back and to increase the blood perfusion. There is a focus on the digestive system while incorporating plenty of breathing, as well as buccal massage that releases the pressure of certain muscles optimizing the drainage. It also involves a Myofascial relief, that can feel a little intense but worth it. Relaxing the abdominal muscles and having an empty bladder helps to make your experience more pleasant and leads to better results.

Before and After a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Smoother lines and less puffy

Notice the difference in the lines and definition at that hip bones and around the rib cage(Diaphragm).  

Before and After Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage.png

Abs and hips clearly more defined

In this before and after, there’s a distinct differnence in the abs, front/back ribs, diaphragm and hips as a result of reduce bloating and retention of fluids. 

Looks fantastic! 


More distinct definition in abs. Beautiful! 

She’s ready to show off her beautiful abs on the beach, in the gym or on the red carpet!   

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