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Welcome to Aligned Body Integration, we’re Scott and Carolyn and we’d like to use our experience to help you. As Rolf Structural Integration Practitioners and a Reiki Master, we have the skills to help you align your body and your life. During our lifetime, we all experience times when our body, health, and well-being get compromised or misaligned.  Frequently, this occurs because of an accident, illness, injury, or constant day-to-day stress. No matter what the cause or situation, we’re here to help! (assist, serve, ease, etc).

Thus, it’s important to stay connected and aligned in our body because when a body is not aligned life can feel difficult, or off-balance. Over time, if we don’t recognize and attend to the stressors, consequently they can become the norm. Before we know it, we’re walking around with the chronic pattern of aches and pain, and we may not even be aware of why.

When our body is off-balance can affect our moods, relationships, family, work, activities and everything in our life. This is why it’s important to recognize these patterns and issues and seek help to relieve them.


This is what we do! 


We use Rolf Structural Integration, ReikiCranioSacral Therapy and Health Coaching (coming soon) to assist and help you. The key is to identify potential body issues, misalignments or stresses that affect health and work to realign them. As a result, this helps you get back on track towards your best self.  It helps you let go of the stressors and patterns that affected you. 

Let us help you align your body and align your life!


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Live Life Aligned


"When the Body gets working appropriately, the force of Gravity can flow through, then spontaneously, the body heals itself" -Dr. Ida Rolf
Just for today, I will let go of anger. Just for today, I will let go of worry. I will count my many blessings. Today, I will do my work honestly. Today, I will be kind to every living creature. - Dr. Mikao Usui

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